Hire Damon to Speak

I would love to come share my thoughts and experiences in an impactful and powerful way. What I have learned, what I continue to learn, and what I can share with your group are the systems and mindset I have developed to help you and your group to win at both work and home, but to also win in life.

Speaking Topics

Passion, Persistence, and Patience

Damon will teach what he feels are the necessary ingredients for success. . . The Three P’s. This talk with deliver confidence and hope to those wanted to become and do more in their life.

Winning at Work and at Home

Damon will help you and your group understand that in order for us to be winning at work we need to also be winning outside of the workplace. Damon will share his super simplified systems, mindset and tools to ignite true change.

Eight Life Lessons that Can Change your Life

Based on Damon’s book, Walks with Mr. Smith, Damon will share eight incredibly valuable life lessons that if applied, will have a lasting life-long impact. This presentation is filled with tremendous life nuggets that will set you and your group on a true path towards success.