Walks With Mr. Smith

Often there is a time in someone’s life where they turn a corner. They say to themselves, “Enough is enough.” They are tired of not doing. They always say, “I should do that, or I should do this.” Eventually for some, the overwhelming guilt they always feel becomes too painful then the decision to change occurs. Sometimes, the change happens out of necessity and survival. Whatever the case may be, that turning point does come for a few. They leave no man’s land, a world in which life is okay but not bad enough to really do anything about it. Many of us live in that land. We just stay where we are, doing the same okay stuff every day. The life of passion and adventure seems left for others to play out on the big screen. Turning the corner or the thought of taking a new course seems impossible or does not ever cross the mind of many.

This story is about a man who turned that corner. Looking in, many from the outside would have thought he had it all. However, inside, he felt the opposite. He felt frustrated, guilty, overwhelmed, and unease every day. He needed change. With his decision to change, a powerful gift was given. That gift was a relationship that changed Richard’s life forever.