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Meet Damon

Damon has and continues to have great success in the residential real estate industry. He was ranked #1 Realtor representing buyers in 2009, 2010, and 2011 in Adams County, which is one of the largest counties in the Denver area. He was awarded Top 3 Real Estate agent 2012 and #1 Real Estate Agent 2013 for Innovative Real Estate Group. He formed the Eddy & Muñoz Home Team in 2014 and quickly became one of the top teams in Innovative Real Estate group which was awarded the prestigious Denver Business Journal’s #1 for Fastest Growing Private Company for 2013. Damon was also the recipient of DMAR’S Roundtable of Excellence Award for Top #5 Individual Sales 2013 for Denver Metro. Consistently producing $20 million each year as an individual with the formation of the Eddy & Muñoz Home Team they are on track to double that with $40 million in volume with just 3 licensed agents.

Damon is the author of Walks with Mr. Smith an impactful parable consisting of 8 life lessons that if applied can impact your life tremendously. Damon is also the creator of Daily Choices, a powerful Life Success Planning System which help individuals win at work, home, and in life. He is also the founder of Men of Action which is a local ministry helping men to begin to define and design success into their lives. This groups often has anywhere from 50 to 80 men weekly.

Damon is a collegiate athlete and graduate from Boise State University in 1996.


Reaching the destination of a big goal is powerful. However, what is more powerful and important is the person you become and the people you affect while on your journey towards the goal.

Damon’s free tools CAN begin to change your life. We use the word CAN because, like anything, it requires a first step. That step is making the decision to begin to Define and Design what success looks like for you. Damon’s tools will help you clarify what success is for you in the key areas of your life. Then, with your new found vision, his tools will keep you on track DAILY to make sure you are getting the things done to make your new vision a reality. Do not settle for an ok life. Begin today to live with purpose and passion.

Private Coaching

Do you need a Coach?

In order for us to experience success in the important areas of our lives we need to know what that success looks like. We need to be able to describe it in detail. Do you know what success looks like for you? I can help.

Some are self-motivated. They can take a system and run with it. Others need accountability and that check-in that reminds them to stay on track. Damon offers coaching packages with different levels of accountability. Allow us to help you choose which is right for you.

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We all have a part to play in this world. Play your part well.

When you begin to focus on your goals and achieving success, you naturally become a better individual, employee, and person. Great companies thrive with human capital motivated to be their best. Whether a small networking group or a large corporation, Damon is a great choice for the motivational speaker at your next event.
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Top 6 Goal Sheet

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